Project information

  • Category: Computer Vision
  • Client: Generic
  • Project date: 01.09.2021

Fashion Tagging

In this project we aim to eliminate manual tagging and make your catalog management processes more efficient.

We provide automatic tagging of your fashion product images with rich fashion attributes.

AI can automatically detect visual attributes, and recognize and label product images in e-commerce applications like online sales and cataloging. Our AI-powered product tagging will allow your business to reduce costs (by saving time and money required for manual tagging) and increase profits.

Our AI-powered product tagging software helps your products appear in relevant search results. It automatically recognizes the specific categories your products belong to and their attribute labels to improve product recommendations. For example, if a product catalog has an image of a white basic t-shirt, image recognition and machine learning extract color, category, and subcategory. Such as "white, round collar, cotton t-shirt".